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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi everyone! I talked with an old friend yesterday and asked him if he and his wife were preppers. I know this couple from years back, I grew up with the wife and have known her since I was in grade school so knowing their lifestyle I figured that it was a given that they were preppers. He looked at me with a puzzled look and then I explained what prepping was, he looked down and said that they didn't have the money for anything extra like that. I was shocked! These folks come from a very conservative family and have known hardship as well as big time wealth. He also said that she didn't see where they would put all that "stuff". I could tell he felt bad about not being prepared as he looked down or away when talking to me about it.

This is a good time to start asking our friends and distant family (your close family thinks you're loony) if they are putting away for hard times, or even an emergency. Bring up current events like the snow storms that hit the east coast so hard, at one time it was snowing in all 49 continental states this year on the same day! Talk about the recent earthquakes both here in the US and in other countries, earthquakes can happen anywhere. Help people to understand that they can start off simple and that no matter how broke they are, most everyone can buy some canned goods on sale for less than a dollar each. Buying just 4 canned items each week will net you a nice stock within a year. Rice and beans can be bought at Sam's for around $15 per 50 pound bag. Water storage only involves buying a gallon of water each week and rotating out the old when it's due, doesn't cost but pennies each week. Duct tape and plastic sheeting cost a little more so buy them when there is a good paycheck. Do you see how little we've spent here? Prepping doesn't have to be huge or expensive, everyone should be able to prepare and protect their family no matter what the budget says. Here's something most don't know, somewhere in your local grocery store there is probably a discount shelf. Find that area of the store and pick it clean, often you can find slightly dented canned goods, paper products, women's supplies and other good supplies for pennies on the dollar. In some cities you can find stores that sell nothing but damaged food items, all perfectly good but just have damaged packaging. My points here are simple, anyone can prep, it's not for those with big budgets.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prepping married but alone?

Recently I was asked by a frustrated wife about how to get her hubby on board with prepping. I asked my wife about this since we have both been with the idea pretty much from the beginning. Her suggestion seems to be a wise one, your hubby will probably not get on board at this time because it's not his idea. Now, how do you make it his idea? If I had a straight honest answer for that question I'd probably be a shrink instead of my current occupation. I can however give you some tips, try showing him what other husbands are doing, show him it's not just a womans world as far as prepping. I suggest having him talk to or read up on men who are pioneering the feild. Here's a link to a guy who seems well grounded and knows what he's doing http://www.pioneerliving.net/ People like your husband sometimes just need to feel it is their idea before it's a "good idea", my sister in law is the same type of person. She is just now considering the idea of prepping, mainly because she has a college education and not me, whatever that has to do with anything. I would also suggest helping him to understand what has been going on on the eastern seaboard with the massive snow storms. Store shelves went bare within hours, many folks are still without heat or water also. Many people believe that when TSHTF that they will just ride it out not knowing how, or that it will just "be their time". Both are ways of thinking that could get them killed. Just for the record, this frustrated wife also mentioned that her husbands friends said they would be ok because they have enough guns. She and I both take it that the friends think they will be able to forcably steal from those who have supplies. I think we all agree that will lead to a lot of bloodshed and quite possible the death of her husband's friends. Oh what the times will be like! I think it should give everyone food for thought, not only about prepping, but protecting the prep and the family.

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