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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've posted this before but it is always good to bring it up again.

APN Scores Best Deal Ever!...Or at least the best deal ever offered by Rich Fleetwood at SurvivalCD.com (SurvivalRing.org)SurvivalCD's Emergency Preparedness Digital Library contains over 80,000 printable pages of life saving, scientifically proven, and in many cases, rare information that could be of used in times of national emergency or natural disaster. The areas of emphasis cover the entire range of disaster preparedness information, from simple first aid, to locating natural hazard threats where you live, to stocking food and tools, to mitigation (lessening) of disaster events, all the way to recovering from the full force of nature, technology, or terror, when things have turned out for the worst.This CD set contains the largest collection of digitized fallout shelter information ever put into one place, with shelter plans, shelter management guides, technical data books, regulations, and more. Also contained is disaster preparedness and recovery information for every possible disaster, from tornadoes to volcanic eruption, as well as planning lists, federal documents for nuclear and terrorist preparedness, and even several documents on dealing with pandemics and other survival needs.Our two 4 CD/1 DVD set contains over 80,000 printable pages of preparedness and survival information from sources all over the world. Our data covers over 67 years of United States civil defense research and publications, as well as information from many other nation’s preparedness projects.The CD and DVD navigation uses simple web browser technology (Internet Explorer 5.5, Firefox, and other similar browsers) to find and read each file on the disk. The disk data can be read by both PC and MAC systems, although on PC systems, there is an AUTORUN program to load the homepage of the CD for your ease of use.Nearly all the documents on both CDs are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and any version of Acrobat Reader (or open source programs that can also be used to open and read PDF files) that is version 5 or higher can access the files. Once the documents are viewed, they can be printed via your PDF reader in high quality output, to any standard printer connected to your computer. Click below to see what each CD contains.To read more about the packages go to http://www.SurvivalCD.comNow for the Deal...Rich has offered an exclusive discount of 30% off only to APN Gold Members! This is the deepest discount he's ever offered to anyone.Gold Membership at APN is very affordable at only $5 a month (no obligation) and Rich's discount can easily cover 2 - 6 months worth of the cost of your membership just from his offer alone, not to mention the many other benefits that are either available now or in the works.If you are not a member, follow these steps to get your discountStep one, register to the forum here:ucp.php?mode=registerStep two, sign up for gold membership here:http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.net/ ... c54dd55127Step three, within 24 hours of your sign up we will send you a password to access the APN Gold members club. Once you recieve your password follow this link to get your discount on the SurvivalCD set.viewtopic.php?f=612&t=4380Other Gold Member forums can be found here:viewforum.php?f=611

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