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Thursday, December 23, 2010

With permission from Crusis I'd like to repost this, it's some VERY good advise!

We all have insurance for our cars, either our houses or renters insurance. At least we should. But what about proving the value of your preps to an insurance company?I'm taking pictures. Why? Because that is accurate proof of not only what you owned, but quantity and condition. It will be hard for an insurance agent to dispute a photograph. Things to take pictures off.1. Guns.2. Survival equipment like tents, tools, stocked non-food goods.3. Food in crates, cans, pails, buckets, on shelves, in storage boxes. Get it all. I think we would all be surprised how much money we have wrapped up in our emergency food supply.4. Household goods - Kitchen utensils, pans, etc. You're going to need those post-SHTF, right?5. Electronics - GPSs, radio equipment, your computer(s), cameras (you'll have to prove that by taking a picture in a mirror), solar panels, inverters, batteries, etc.6. Clothing and bedding7. Stocked medical goods including anything you have for specific health issues. 8. Storage media, such as shelving, and storage containers.9. Water storage. Whether it be in drums, jugs, or 24oz containers, stored water is expensive! Get photos your storage.10. I like a nice round number, so I will include #10 as while you're taking pictures of your preps, you might as well get pictures of your household items that aren't prep related too. Just in case you get a jerk for an adjuster.11. Oh well, so much for round numbers. If you have any valuables, such as silver, gold, jewelry, or any other material trade commodity, get photos of that too. Once you have the photos, make sure you burn the pix to disk or you store it in a flash drive away from home. Whatever storage method you choose for the photos, you'll need to secure it. Safety deposit box or at a friends house (you should store his/hers) will do fine. Protect your investment.

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