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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I thought I'd pass on a quote from another blog that was also posted to APN today:

"It has always been recommended that activities associated with emergency preparedness and off-grid living are best kept under the radar so as not to alert neighbors and friends who could present a threat to your safety and stockpile in an aftermath. This advice takes on a much greater significance as the government seeks to target individuals who appear to want to act as independent “sovereign citizens” and who are considered as extremists based on the government’s glossary. The resounding cry of “loose lips sinks ships” now applies to your emergency preparedness plan."

I can't agree more. We need to build good relations with other preppers, but be ever so careful with who know's what you are doing. As for myself I keep complete anonymity on all boards and with people in my neighborhood. Paranoid? Maybe but I feel it's all part of being prepared.
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