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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is it really October?? With this summer weather I have trouble remembering that right around the corner is harsh cold weather. How does this change the way you prep, I know that it gives us more time to get the winter's supply of wood split (screw the red days I want a warm house!) and I've noticed that there seems to be kind of a second growing season for those with gardens. Take advantage of these extra warm days we have, make sure your outside preps are in order such as wood, water storage and anything else that is harder to do when it's colder. On another note in thinking of colder weather, CO preppers must finally come together and start to form a group that can be counted on in times of trouble. We need to be looking at ways we can meet up even if it's just over coffee, suggestions? Please go to the main forum and post your comments.

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